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Hosted by Robert F. Lusch, Professor Stephen Vargo and Professor Irene Ng, the conference took place on Thursday 23 – Sunday 26 September 2010 in Cambridge. Forum for invited group of academics only, involving an intensive dialogue about substantive issues in the field of service theory and research.


The Forum on Markets and Marketing was established as a service-dominant logic based forum to explore foundational and macro issues related to marketing, including the understanding of markets and marketing systems and further the development of S-D logic.

It is a three-day event with intensive dialogue about substantive issues, rather than a traditional conference with a large number of paper presentations and little discussion. Thus, it is limited to a small group of scholars, who agree to participate for the entire event, and a small number of invited doctoral students. The intended output of the Forum on Markets and Marketing is a publication, such as special issues of journals or a book of original essays.


The Grand Challenge Week is being organised by the

The Cambridge Service Alliance (CSA)
A unique global partnership between businesses and universities. It brings together the world’s leading firms and educators devoted to delivering today the tools, education and insights needed for Complex Service Solutions tomorrow.

in support with:

Institute for Manufacturing
The IfM is the public face of the Department of Engineering's Manufacturing and Management Division. The IfM takes a distinctive, cross-disciplinary approach, bringing together expertise in management, technology and policy to address the full spectrum of industrial issues. The IfM’s activities take place within an unusual structure that integrates research and education with practical application in industry, via a university-owned company, IfM Education and Consultancy Services Ltd.

Advanced Institute of Management (AIM)
AIM is a UK leader in the field of management research, bringing academics together with business, public sector and policy thinkers in order to develop and deliver research of a world class standard which has an immediate and significant impact on management practice.

University of Exeter Institute for Service Research
CServ is a community of researchers from within the University of Exeter Business School as well as from all over the world dedicated to advancing knowledge in service.

Judge Business School
The Judge Business School at the heart of Cambridge, advancing knowledge and leadership through people who leave a mark on the world. The faculty of the School comprises around 55 members. They represent all continents and likewise their research interests span the globe and the full spectrum of business issues. Many are leaders in their field directing cutting-edge research, consulting for top businesses, advising governments, and most of all, bringing their experiences and new found knowledge into the classroom.


By invitation only - this event is only open to academics who have answered the FMM2010 call for papers and whose papers have been accepted for presentation.


  • Professor Ralph Badinelli
  • Dr Giuliana Battisti
  • Dr Kate Blackmon
  • Greg Bolan
  • Nico Delvaux
  • Bo Edvardsson
  • Peter Fielder
  • Raymond P. Fisk
  • John Granger
  • Professor Mike Gregory
  • Professor Katherine N. Lemon
  • Professor Robert F. Lusch
  • Professor Ian Miles
  • Dr Paul Maglio
  • Allan Mayo
  • Professor Andy Neely
  • Professor Irene Ng
  • Rashik Parmar
  • Professor Scott Sampson
  • Martin Spring
  • Professor Stephen Vargo


PROGRAMME: Download the full programme in pdf file