5th NFS Program

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Tuesday 6th June 2017
Doctorial Workshop - Sorrento Room
14.00 - 17.00

Ph.D students presentations
Panel: Rod Brodie, Cristina Mele, Jaqueline Pels, Francesco Polese, Marianna Sigala & Steve Vargo

Anna Kathrin Sebald, Frank Jacob -
“Help welcome or not: Understanding consumer shopping motivation in curated retailing”
Braz Becker Larissa Carine -
"Consumer experience emerging throughout transformational consumer journey: a phenomenological study"
Darmayanti Dahlia -
"Service - brand value co-creation in heatlh care"
Hartwig Kea -
"Assessing value for mobile services: Customer perceptions and influence of value in use"
Polat Sesliokuyucu Inci, Atalik Özlem -
"Impact on Service Innovation and Performance of Service Dominant Orientation in Airline Ecosystem"
Waseem Donia -
"Role of actors in value generation"

18.00 - 20.00 Welcome aperitif and Registration - Grand Hotel Cocumella
Wednesday 7th June 2017
8.00 Registration - Grand Hotel Cocumella
Plenary Session A - Chiostro
8.45 - 9.15 Opening Ceremony
Cristina Mele (University of Naples "Federico II") & Francesco Polese (University of Salerno)
9.15 - 10.00 Steve Vargo (University of Hawaii)
Service-Dominant Logic: An update and Future Directions
10.00 - 10.30 Coffee Break
Parallel Sessions
  Chiostro Amalfi Room Positano Room Sorrento Room
10.30 - 11.50 Session n.1
Resource integration
Chair: Helkkula
Session n.2
Chair: Peters
Session n.3
Dark side and
service experience
Chair: Koskela-Huotari
Session n.4
The Hub of All Things (HAT) - Digitisation and Datafication of Services
Chair: Ng
Spring, Edvardsson, Verma -
Using technology to foster actors’ resource integration and value co-creation efforts:
Empirical studies of management practices in the context of luxury hotels
Tempelmayr, Stadlmann, Mang, Überwimmer, Ehrlinger -
A framework of capabilities and business dimensions influencing servitization based upon service dominant logic, service science and network and system theory
Sigala -
Religion and Online Deviant Behavior:
a conceptual framework explaining the actors’ intentions to co-destruct value online
Wakenshaw, Ng -
Engineering a personal data market: the Hub of all things (HAT)
Kleinaltenkamp, Karpen, Frow, Payne, Chen, Pires, Grönroos -
Value Co-Creation through Resource Integration: A Conceptual Framework
Gidhagen, Heinonen -
Lessons learned from missed servitization opportunities
Azer, Alexander -
Negatively-valenced customer engagement behavior: forms and drivers
Green -
An Outside-In approach to business model innovation -
Customer context and digitalisation
Dehling, Edvardsson, Tronvoll -
Expanding understanding of resource integration in service ecosystems:
a signaling approach
Toth, Dul -
What is the role of services in achieving high new product performance?
The analysis of must-have and good-to-have service conditions applying Necessary Condition Analysis
Schmidt, Moehring, Keller, Zimmermann -
Distortions of value co-creation in multi-party service systems
Kharlamov, Parry, Pogrebna -
Personal data and the perception of individual vulnerability: an experiment
Gidhagen, Helkkula, Loebler, Jonas, Sörhammar, Tronvoll -
Human-to-nonhuman value co-creation and resource integration: parasocial actors in a service ecosystem
Cuthbertson, Furseth Peder -
Service dominant markets or service provider dominant markets?
Charusalaipong -
Service Experience Co-creation in Dark Tourism
Smith -
Clicking away privacy: do users know (or care) about their personal data?
Parallel Sessions
  Chiostro Amalfi Room Positano Room
11.50 - 13.10 Session n.5
Customer Experience
Chair: Kleinaltenkamp
Session n.6
Healthcare and Market
Chair: Pels
Session n.7
Chair: Bruni
Ohyabu, Taguchi, Zhang -
Exploring customer experience in daily life
Kelleher -
When the Market becomes Part of the Family
- Family Caregiving and Aging in Place
Karpen, Conduit, Tierney, Wright -
Spiritual Engagement: A Missing Link in Service Research
Wakenshaw, Dixon, Ng, Maple -
Consumer Perceived Vulnerability, privacy calculus and information disclosure: an empirical investigation in retailer loyalty program
Braz Becker, Jaakkola -
Drawing a theory map for customer experience - a systematic metatheoretical analysis
Litovuo, Aarikka-Stenroos, Kaipio, Karisalmi -
Examining service experiences:
comparing methods to capture children’s experiences
Pick -
Value creation, interactions and user engagement in sharing economy networks
Coppola, Mele, Russo Spena -
Boosting Customer Experience through the Internet of Everything
Särkikangas, Autio -
Families with special needs children consuming social and health care services -
visible and invisible activities of daily life
Lemmink, Hensens, Lucas, Heinonen -
Measuring engagement with charitable events in social media brand and user posts
Wood, Parry, Walker -
A computational method to examine service business models
Holmqvist, Grönroos, Visconti, Guais, Kessous -
Understanding value-in-use in the customer experience
Spurrell, Araujo, Proudove -
An exploration of valuation practices in complex case reviews in healthcare
Lappalainen, Airola, Nuutinen -
Emphatic understanding as a source of value co-creation and differentiation
13.10 - 14.10 Lunch break
Plenary Session B - Chiostro
14.10 - 14.40 Michael Baker (University of Strathclyde)
Research Myopia Revisited
14.40 - 15.20 Hugh Wilson (Cranfield School of Management) & Emma Macdonald (Cranfield School of Management)
Business solutions, resource integration and value in use
15.20 - 15.40 Coffee break
Parallel Sessions
  Chiostro Sorrento Room Positano Room Amalfi Room
15.40 - 17.20 Session n.8
Value proposition
Chair: Kelleher
Session n.9
Actors and
esource integration
Chair: Holmqvist
Session n.10
Value co-creation
Chair: Corsaro
Session n.11
Service and IT Platforms
Chair: Kowalkowski
Bruni, Moretta Tartaglione, Warnaby -
Using service for defining place value propositions
Liewendahl -
Employee motivation for value proposition alignment
Oertzen, Mager, Odekerken-Schröder -
A measurement tool for value co-creation
Hänninen, Mitronen -
Integrated service portfolio in multi-sided digital retail platforms
Payne, Eggert, Frow -
Exploring a resource-based view of the value proposition concept
Medlin, Chaoluck, Conduit -
Service encounters through the lens of employee role behaviours: Implications for actor-actor-actor interaction
Tregua, D'Auria, Coppola, Bifulco -
Value propositions in context
Goebel, Cronholm -
Guidelines for Service-Dominant Logic:
empirical experiences from IT Service Management
Schäfer, Windler, Georgi -
Development of value propositions: a managerial framework
Huber, Kleinaltenkamp -
Types of business usage center members
Darmayanti, Simatupang, Rudito -
A pilot study on value co-creation activities in health care: a study on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
Greco -
Davide vs Golia. A case of an innovative food delivery service
Rintamäki, Saarijärvi -
Proposing and co-creating shared value: an integrative framework and research agenda
Peters, Lee, Toth, White -
Linking perception and action in the management of sales personnel
Kuuru -
Embodied customer experience in group fitness context
- identification of different customer types
Gidhagen, Gebert Persson -
Do relationships matter in using online insurance services?
Kaartemo, Nenonen, Windahl - 
Market-shaping mechanisms of public actors
Sahhar -
Practising the Service-Dominant Logic
Hogg -
Measuring value-in-context with mobile app services
Baglieri, Marino -
The Engineering of the Learning Experience: The case of The Shenker Method
19.30 Dinner at Massalubrense Villa - Via IV Novembre 36 c/o Punta Lagno Massalubrense
Thursday 8th June 2017
Plenary Session C - Chiostro
8.45 - 9.15 Alexandra Medina Borja, (US National Science Foundation)
Service Research in the perspective of the US National Science Foundation - The human technology frontier and its impact on Service Science
9.15 - 10.00 Francesco Polese (University of Salerno), Sergio Barile (“La Sapienza” University of Rome) & Raul Espejo (Director-General of the World Organization of Systems and Cybernetics)
Finality alignment among value co-creation actors
10.00 - 10.30 Coffee break
Parallel Sessions
  Chiostro Sorrento Room Positano Room Amalfi Room
10.30 - 11.50 Session n.12 -
Theoretical approaches and Service Research
Chair: Brodie
Session n.13 -
Internet of Things and
Internet of Everythings

Chair: Ciasullo
Session n.14 -
The development of
Service-Dominant logic

Chair: Sigala
Session n.15 -
Experience, value-in-use
and value-in-context

Chair: Jaakkola
Löbler, Wloka -
Approaching ‘value’ from a second order cybernetics perspective
Badinelli, Sarno -
Integrating the internet of things and big data analytics into decision support models for healthcare management
Edvardsson, Carrillo, Reynoso, Maravillo -
Bringing Knowledge Management into Service-dominant logic
Loohuis, Sahhar -
How is the Customer Contributor and Interpreter of Value?
Opening the black box of the linkages between value experience and value creation
Waseem, Biggemann, Garry -
Psychological microfoundations of value generation
CorsaroSebastianiMele -
Boundary objects in digitalized service contexts
Gruen -
Teaching Service Dominant Logic in the MBA Core Marketing Course
Still -
How actors of a dyad perceive the influence of service ecosystems
on service experience co-creation?
Holmlid, Wetter Edman, Vink -
Research through design: Systematic approaches to service research
Coppola, Mele, Russo Spena, Improta -
New actors in healthcare ecosystem: The role of e-health-mediaries
Harengel, Clauss, Laudien -
Directions of service-dominant logic research: results of a bibliometric analysis
Macdonald, Arkadan, Wilson -
The role of organizational values in customer experience management
Polese, Loia, Fenza, Maione, Troisi -
SSMED and its multidisciplinary nature: an automatic literature review
Sörhammar, Kowalkowski, Tronvoll, Sklyar -
A service ecosystem perspective on the digital service journey
Shoji, Inoue, Taguchi -
The investigation of regional marketing from S-D logic perspective
Pera, Viglia, Dalli -
Where every service is a bliss: understanding review biases in the sharing economy
Plenary Session D - Chiostro
11.50 - 12.15 Irene Ng (University of Warwick)
The Hub of All Things (HAT) - digitisation and datafication of the person
12.15 - 13.00 Silvia Gherardi (University of Trento)
Service in practice and practicing service
13.00 - 14.00 Lunch break - POSTER Session
Plenary Session E - Chiostro
14.00 - 14.15 Meet the editor
Parallel Sessions
  Chiostro Sorrento Room Positano Room Amalfi Room
14.20 - 15.40 Session n.16 -
Service Ecosystem
Chair: Löbler
Session n.17 -
The Viable Systems Approach
Chair: Saviano
Session n.18 -
Service Systems
Chair: Badinelli
Session n.19 -
web 2.0 or web 3.0,
the semantic web

Chair: Caridà
Ben Letaifa, Edvardsson, Kotaiba -
The arab spring revisited: drivers of service ecosystems transformation
Botti, Grimaldi, Vesci -
Integrating VSA and S-D logic for conceptualizing viable value co-creation: an application to entrepreneurial intention and innovation in service ecosystems
Alexander, Blasco-Arcas, Chen, Jonas, Raithel, Sörhammar -
Facilitating, enabling and evolving: the role of actor engagement platforms in complex service settings
Ciasullo, Cosimato, Douglas, Troisi-
The “infection” of health care service ecosystem: the tools used for assessing patient satisfaction
Vink, Tronvoll, Edvardsson, Wetter-Edman, Aguirre -
Service ecosystem design: doing institutional work through design
Simone, Calabrese -
The nesting architecture of T-shaped capacities: Fostering the requisite variety in the service economy
Caputo, Walletzky, Ge, Carrubbo -
Combining the pillars of the Naples forum on Service: a multi-dimensional constructive tool
Fernandes, Pinto -
Dimensions and outcomes of customer experience:
a study on retail banking services
Badi, Razmdoost, Murtagh -
When Service Ecosystems Collapse: Understanding the Demise of the UK Green Deal
Saviano, Barile, Reynoso,
Caputo, La Sala -

Envisioning future scenarios for service research
Ojuri, Pryke, Badi -
Service exchange between service ecosystems and networks:
resource integrators as value co-creation
Holmqvist, Cadario -
Why and when does the valence of online consumer reviews influence service evaluations?
Röndell, Sörhammar -
Managing Service Ecosystems - an intentional ecosystems approach
Iandolo, Armenia, Carrubbo -
A System Dynamics simulation model for sustainable value
through the Viable Systems Approach
Ehret, Wirtz -
Service enterprise - cocreative ownership and the transformation of uncertainty
Keller, Moehring, Schmidt -
Data-driven location-based services for decision making in tourism
15.40 - 16.00 Coffee break
Parallel Sessions
  Chiostro Sorrento Room Positano Room Amalfi Room
16.00 - 17.20 Session n.20
Actors ad Identity
Chair: Wieland
Session n.21
Service Ecosystems
Chair: Ben Letaifa
Session n.22
Service Innovation
Chair: Russo Spena
Session n.23
Service Science
Chair: Troisi
Koskela-Huotari, Siltaloppi -
Dynamic construction of resource integrating actor’s identity
Simmonds, Gazley -
Ecotones: the complex transitional zones of service (eco) systems
Iwanczuk-Prost -
Embedding Innovation in Service
Botti, Grimaldi, Monda, Vesci -
Smart service systems in restaurant management: a case study analysis
Frias, Lusch -
Resource Integration: Intellectual property rights from Service-dominant logic lens and the evolving boundaries of innovation
Díaz-Méndez, García-Gallego -
On how student satisfaction surveys may affect the natural flow
of higher education ecosystem service
Caridà, Colurcio, Russo Spena, Kandampully -
Unloking the potential of technology
for inclusive service innovation in emerging economies
Cavacece, Moretta Tartaglione -
The development of service science in management research:
a bibliometric analysis the development of service science
Bruni, Carrubbo -
Decision making and purpose of the actor in service systems
Hoffmann, Lecamp -
Socioecological strategy, Field Theory, SD Logic
and Turbulence in the Swiss watchmaking field
Shishan, Perks, McCabe -
Causation and Effectuation in the context of Service Innovation
in small, independent firms
Maione, Pellicano, Heydarian-Forushani, Torre -
Service-oriented architectures: energetic settings as service systems
Findsrud, Tronvoll -
Resource integration in value co-creation:
Integrative framework from S-D logic and Motivation Theory
Kao, Dacko -
Service Sweethearting and Value Co-creation: A Service-Dominant Logic Perspective
Quero, Ventura -
Balanced centricity: innovation through institutionalization in complex service systems
Botti, Grimaldi, Monda, Vesci -
Co- production and co-creation: identifying customer activities before, during and after service delivery
18.00 Sorrento Guided Tour
19.30 Gala Dinner & Awards - Hotel Continental


Friday 9th June 2017
Plenary Session F - Chiostro
8.50 - 10.00 Roderick J. Brodie (University of Auckland), Jodi Conduit (University of Adelaide), Helge Löbler (University of Leipzig), Cristina Mele (University of Naples “Federico II”), & Jaqueline Pels (University of Torcuato Di Tella)
Philosophical Foundations for Research and their Implications on Service Research
Commentary by Steve Vargo
S-D logic 2025: exploring the critical role of medrange theory.
10.00 - 10.30 Coffee break
Parallel Sessions
  Chiostro Sorrento Room Positano Room
10.30 - 11.50 Session n.24
Chair: Edvardsson
Session n.25
Chair: Tronvoll
Session n.26
Value co-creation and the changing role
of suppliers and customers

Chair: Díaz-Méndez
Baker, Brodie, Smith -
Market shaping through service innovation: Institutional work from a service-dominant logic perspective
Brady, Claffey -
The need to view social media as a consumer engagement platform: Challenges and technologies
Leckie, Nyadzayo, Johnson -
Value creation: the role of customer participation
and perceived innovative aspects of service innovation
Brodie, Fehrer, Nenonen, Storbacka -
Learning with the market when commercializing radical technological innovation: a service dominant logic perspective
Thion, Vernette -
Drivers of consumer’s engagement in value co-creation
Maione, Loia, Torre -
Value co-creation in smart cities: measures of decision-making system benefits
Nenonen, Storbacka, Frethey-Bentham -
Market-shaping strategies: antecedents, elements and outcomes
Sahiti, Paton, Veloutsou -
Ontological Foundation for Different Types of Value Creation Practices
Husmann -
Resource Integration and Organizational Identity in B2B Systems
Gosling, Richard, Seo -
Market Boundaries in the Service-Centric Paradigm:
A case study of the New Zealand mobile telecommunications market
Winklhofer, El Kolaly, Peters -
Exploring consumer engagement in online communities - a practice-based approach
Sarno, Gaeta, Polese -
A new consensus method for social networks viability
Parallel Sessions
  Chiostro Sorrento Room Positano Room
11.50 - 13.10 Session n.27
Service Systems and
Service Ecosystems

Chair: Storbacka
Session n.28
Markets and Ecosystems
Chair: Sebastiani
Session n.29
Internet of Things and
Internet of Everythings

Chair: Carrubbo
Finsterwalder, Fehrer, Robinson, Conduit, Brodie -
From emergence to disruption ― Exploring the rise and fall of a Service Ecosystem from a Service-dominant Perspective
Darmayanti Dahlia -
Service - brand value co-creation in heatlh care
Laudien, Clauss -
Understanding the Influence of the (Industrial) Internet of Things on Product Service Transition: A Qualitative-empirical Analysis
Polese, Ciasullo, Troisi, Maione -
Assessing intellectual capital in service ecosystem perspective:
some evidences from university context
Coppola, Mele, Russo Spena, Marzullo -
Cognitive computing and market innovation
Schmidt, Moehring, Keller -
Digitized products as source of strategic benefit
Jonas, Roth -
Institutions and innovation in service ecosystems -
resource integration in multi-player innovation settings
Närvänen, Leipämaa-Leskinen -
Collaborative market practices within a consumer-driven local food service system
Meierhofer -
Service value creation using data science
Brown -
Inclusive and Representative Place Branding: An Adaptive Service Ecosystem Approach

Nathan-Roberts -
Affective Service System Design Assisted by Quantified Self Technology

Tregua, Amitrano, Bifulco, Gargiulo -
When value talks
13.10 - 14.00 Lunch break
Plenary Session G - Chiostro
14.00 - 15.30 Closing Panel
Ralph Badinelli (Virginia Tech), Bo Edvardsson (Karlstad University), Cristina Mele (University of Naples “Federico II”), Francesco Polese (University of Salerno), Kay Storbacka (University of Auckland) & Steve Vargo (University of Hawaii)