Social Dynamics in a Systems Perspective

Barile, S., Pellicano, M., Polese, F. (2018)



Chapter 1. A Systems Approach to Understanding the Philosophical Foundation of Marketing Studies
Bard Tronvoll, Sergio Barile, and Francesco Caputo

Chapter 2. Successful Value Co-creation Exchanges: A VSA Contribution
Francesco Polese

Chapter 3. Complexity and Sustainability in Management: Insights from a Systems Perspective,
Sergio Barile and Marialuisa Saviano

Chapter 4. Innovation Policies: Strategy of Growth in a Complex Perspective,
Bruna Bruno, Marisa Faggini, and Anna Parziale

Chapter 5. Value-Driven Conceptualization of Services in the Smart City: A Layered Approach,
Leonard Walletzky, Barbora Buhnova, and Luca Carrubbo

Chapter 6. Service as Entropy Reduction: A Conceptualization of Service for Sustainable Coexistence,
Helge Lobler 

Chapter 7. In Anticipation of Black Swans,
Raul Espejo

Chapter 8. Customer Value Co-creation in a Service-Dominant Logic Perspective: Some Steps Toward the Developmentof a Measurement Scale,
Antonio Botti, Mara Grimaldi, and Massimiliano Vesci

Chapter 9. Market Formation in the Sharing Economy: Findingsand Implications from the Sub-economies of Airbnb,
Marianna Sigala