The 10 years Naples Forum on Service - Proceedings


Gummesson, E., Mele, C., Polese, F. (Eds.) (2019), Service Dominant Logic, Network and Systems Theory and Service Science: Integrating three Perspectives for a New Service Agenda.

ISBN: 978-88-31622-19-6

Book of abstracts


List of full papers

Barile S., Piciocchi, P., Saviano, M., Bassano, C. Pietronudo, M.C., Spohrer, J. C. - "Towards a new logic of value co-creation in the digital age: Doing more and agreeing less"
Cellary, W., Freund, L. E., Kwan, S. K., Leitner, C., Spohrer, J.C. - "The Human-Side of Service Engineering: Advancing Technologies Impact on Service Innovation"
Hajinejad, N., Gauser, T., Koehler, D., Giegler, F. - "Mor(e)ph: embodying business key figures in a data sculpture"
Iandolo, F., Loia, F., Fulco, I., Vito, P. - "Merging vSa and SS. An ABSA for Smart Tourism Ecosystem"
Mason, M., Ciani, S., De Nisco, A., Napolitano M. R., Oduro S. - "A Segmentation Approach to Country Image. A study on Perception of Italy across seven Emerging Markets"
Meierhofer, J., West, S. - "Service value creation using a digital twin"
Nuutinen, M., Valkokari, K., Malmelin, N., Malmelin N. & N., Jutta - "Beyond Industry 4.0 - seeking for the philosopher's stone"
Panetti, E., Ferretti, M., Parmentola, A., Sabetta, A. - "Exploring network configuration in service ecosystems. Evidence from Southern Italy"
Sangiorgi, D., Carrera, M., Lucchi, F., - "Co-designing innovation labs for service ecosystem change
Saviano, M., Del Giudice, M., Pironti, M. Caputo, F. - "Open Innovation and Industry 4.0: the new frontiers for value co-creation?"
Spurrell, M., Araujo, L., Proudlove, N. - "Five Principles for Supporting Value Based Healthcare"