S-D logic

  • S-D logic: empirical evidences;
  • S-D logic: contributes
  • S-D logic and co-creation: healthcare;
  • S-D logic and network in banks;
  • Technology: S-D logic and ICT;
  • Value in use and Service
  • Value co-creation: the consumer's role;
  • Co-creation in public services.

Network Theory

  • Many-toMany Marketing;
  • Viable System Approach;
  • Network and value;
  • Service networks;
  • Value co-creation: network;
  • Tourism: network's role.

Service Science

  • Service Science;
  • Technology: S-D logic and web 2.0;
  • Service Innovation: learning and co-creation;
  • Service Innovation: customer's involvement.

Integration and general issues

  • Expanding and integrating S-D logic, Service Science and Network theory;
  • Service innovation: different perspectives;
  • Resource integration;
  • Value co-creation: critical perspectves;
  • Tourism and cultural events;
  • From product and service to solution;
  • Customer and relationships.