Fee & Practicalities

The 2011 Naples Forum on Service - Service Dominant logic, Network & System Theory and Service Science: integrating three perspectives for a new service agenda.


The Forum starts on Tuesday, June 14, 2011, with registration and a reception at 18:00. On Wednesday, June 15, the Forum opens at 9:00 and ends on Friday, June 17, at 16:00. For details and continuous updates, see www.naplesforumonservice.it



Villa Orlandi, Via Finestrale 2c, 80071 Anacapri, Italy.



We invite papers dealing with themes within one or several of the 3 Forum Pillars: S-D logic, service science, and network/systems theory. We especially encourage submissions with an integrative perspective. The papers could be theoretical and/or empirical and be based on qualitative and/or quantitative research. In order to submit a proposal directions are given within the www.naplesforumonservice.it web page. Topics could include (but are not restricted to) the following:

  • The role of networks, interaction and relationships
  • Value co-creation and the changing role of suppliers and customers
  • Value propositions
  • Customer centricity vs. a multi-party stakeholder orientation (balanced centricity)
  • Integration and management of resources and capabilities
  • Business relations and social relations
  • Social media
  • Service innovation
  • Service processes and engineering
  • Many-to-many marketing and markets as networks
  • The Viable Systems Approach (VSA)
  • Business models to manage networks and service systems
  • Stochastic models of service systems
  • Experiences of service science projects in research and/or education
  • ICT for service
  • Web 2.0 or Web 3.0, the semantic web
  • Brand communities
  • Methodological challenges and issues in service research


IMPORTANT:These and possible other subthemes must have a clear connection to one or several of the 3 Forum Pillars.


A purpose of the Naples Forum is to get different generations of researchers together both at the organized sessions and informally during breaks and social events. In the final selection of papers, both senior researchers and newcomers will be given a chance to present. There will be plenary sessions as well as parallel sessions. In order to increase the number of active participants two special poster sessions will be organized during the Forum.



To stimulate academic scholarship, discussions of ideas and dialogue among students and researchers from different countries in the field of service, we would like to invite doctoral students to attend this doctoral workshop. PhD students in early and middle stages of their PhD research project are particularly encouraged to present their research proposals, preliminary results and their reflections on issues related to theory, methods and analysis. In case the PhD dissertation is not a monograph and is made of a series of articles on a common theme, the candidate can present a part of the work and a two-page summary of the overall dissertation theme.


Abstract submission:                         January 12, 2011

Notification of acceptance:             February 20, 2011

Final paper submission:                    April 30, 2011



For the list of recommended hotels <  please click here> (To receive the rates listed, please mention in your e-mail the code - University Federico II and Villa Orlandi). For more information about how to reach Capri <please click here>

The fees include participation in:

  • All Forum sessions
  • Documentation
  • Lunches, refreshment during breaks, dinners and social events.


Standard Registration (before May 30, 2011)

Fee:                        550 €                                                                                                   Special fee for PhD students:           400 €


Late Registration (after May 30, 2011)

Fee:                        600 €                                                                                                   Special fee for PhD students:           450 €